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Sometimes, amidst all the information and symptoms clients tell us as practitioners, it can be hard to differentiate what systems truly need to be prioritized in treatment.

With the State of Health graph™, you gain valuable insight into what systems need support, and how to prioritise them, saving you time during the treatment process.  Delivered in an easily understandable way, the graph itself works perfectly to explain to your client what is going on in their body, and what story their symptoms are telling.

The State of Health graph™ is not only a starting point to start treatment and educate your client – it’s also a review tool, to track your clients progress during and after treatment.  This allows you to see how effectively the client is responding to your current processes, and gives a valuable opportunity to review their progress from start to present.  This helps in celebrating and acknowledging the success of your treatments, and your client’s compliance and efforts. 

This creates a positive and powerful customer experience. This system of review has increased client retention in my clinic dramatically, as it offers structure and reflection; an important part of feeling acknowledged and accomplished, as a practitioner and a client.

By 2020, customer experience will overtake product and price as the key brand differentiator.
— Chris Boeckelman, GetFeedback

FOR client education

One of my big focuses in clinic is in client education, because I believe that true, long-lasting positive changes to health can only occur when one understands enough about their body to listen and learn from it.

In my quest to get my clients to understand why changing certain habits were of priority, and why taking said supplements and herbal support was necessary, I would deliver text-heavy reports to them and watch as their eye glazed over 15-minutes in.  Could I blame them? The average attention span is only 8 seconds, and we retain visual content easier than text. I was using the wrong delivery system to get my information across.

With the State of Health graph™, it’s immediately recognisable to your client what systems need to be supported, and it’s simple and straightforward to explain the visual of how each system is interrelated, and how these systems are responsible for their health concerns

Did you know that 65% of the population are visual learners?

That’s why I’ll stop with the text now, and let images do the talking...

prac2pro infographic.png

The State of Health software™ is available in two options. 

The first is our done-for-you original version that integrates seamlessly onto your website, so your clients and your potential clients can fill out the questionnaire online and you can incorporate their results into treatment programs and report packs. This option offers a generalised questionnaire that enables prominent symptoms to be linked to major systems and processes in the body: inflammation, liver, hormones, stress, gut and immunity.


Unique practitioner insight and a deeper investigation into as many areas of health as you desire to expand on is what makes our custom version so appealing. 

With our custom option, you are not limited to what we have chosen to address in the original software. This is a do-it-yourself version that allows customisation of every single aspect of the original software.

You can choose as many areas of health to focus on as you please, and add in your niche areas to more thoroughly address your client’s or lead’s State of Health.

With more thorough investigation available with the custom option, you can also utilise the State of Health graph™ more reliably and accurately as an in-clinic tool for treatment and consultation, as you will see health markers change much more rapidly with the focused attention on specific areas of health.

Read more about our custom version here.