Why Marketing Is Awesome - And How To Do It With Purpose

You've already done so much to get where you are.  Learning, doing stupid group assignments, pouring through research and textbooks, overcoming doubts and the fear that you'll miss the reading when you take blood pressure.  You have expanded in so many ways, taking years of your life to study your craft, and committing yourself to years more in mastering it. But have you thought about how to tell people that?

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Get To Know Your Ideal Client

Your ideal client is someone you know deeply... you know their wants, their frustrations, what fuels their fear and their desires.  They are like a friend you've known your entire life (or a reflection of yourself).  Effective content targets your ideal client - and here's some ways to make sure you've got the groundwork covered.  

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How to be in the 8% that will achieve their NY goals!

A whooping 92% of people won't achieve the goals they have set for 2018, because they didn't take into account these five fundamental factors... and thought the stroke of midnight would miraculously make their dreams come true. Welcome to the reality hit - change takes time, and calculated action.

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Emily Banks